You've Gotta Let Go of Who You Are to Become Who You're Meant to Be

You’ve Gotta Let Go of Who You Are to Become Who You’re Meant to Be

If a coming change has you an emotional wreck like my looming empty nest has me, it’s OK. Every change and shift in life is an opportunity to practice letting go. It is by letting go that we stay open to change. It is by being open to change that we allow ourselves to change. The opposite is also true. When we resist or fight change, we eliminate the possibility for our own growth. So join me in opening your arms wide to let go and embrace all that life is bringing your way!

Do You Ever Fall Away from Everything Yoga's Taught You When You're Challenged?

Do You Ever Fall Away from Everything Yoga’s Taught You When You’re Challenged?

Living next door to an awful construction project has taught me a surprising lesson: living in a way that is contrary to the lessons I’ve learned on my yoga mat feels just awful. Take it from me. There is no peace and no contentment possible when you’re filled with disdain, anger and loathing. This knowledge is inspiration for me to keep practicing as I inch my way back to living and feeling like the person I am on my mat.

Don't Forget! Yoga Postures are not the Point of the Practice

Don’t Forget! Yoga Postures are NOT the Point of the Practice

It is easy to forget that the yoga postures themselves are not the point of yoga. They are a means to an end. We jump around on our yoga mats NOT to get better at contorting ourselves into fantastic positions. We do it to quiet our minds. And we quiet our minds to find peace, to find comfort with stillness, to delve into the depths of our being.