Faith With A Twist

Faith With a Twist Masterclass

In Hillary and Amy's popular book, these two best friends sought to blend the ancient Church’s wisdom and the spiritual practice of yoga. People loved their approach and requested more to take their practice further. So, the masterclass was born! 

Faith with a Twist the Masterclass has incredible wisdom to help you grow in your relationship with The Holy Spirit – body, mind, and soul.

Following the pattern of the original book, this class will bring you: 

  • Prayers and practices for each day in this 40-day journey.
  • All new yoga videos for every week tackling important themes of healing connected with the body. 
  • Suggestions on how this series could be used to compliment different liturgical seasons like Lent. 
  • New philosophy video that covers the entire 8-limbs of yoga.
  • Sunday Sabbath opportunities.
  • Supplemental materials to take this offering even further.

This class might be for you if:

  • You'e interested in starting a yoga practice and would like a 40-day supportive journey. 
  • You already have an established yoga practice and want to take it deeper. 
  • You're interested in ancient philosophy that helps take spiritual teachings off the mat into the world. 
  • You're entering a new spiritual phase of your life or a liturgical season and want tools to support your transition.
  • You're in need of spiritual and physical healing. 
  • You're new to yoga and would like to try a program that will give you what you need as a beginner.

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Faith with a Twist: A 30-Day Journey into Christian Yoga

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Experience how prayer and practice can transform your spiritual life. Faith With A Twist blends the ancient wisdom of the church and the ancient spiritual practice of yoga.