Demystifying the Yoga Sutras

An Exploration of the Real-Life Meaning within Patanjali’s Work

Join Amy Nobles Dolan as she unpacks the practical and pertinent meaning in one of yoga’s seminal texts, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Written 2,500+ years ago, it never ceases to amaze how applicable the teachings are to modern life. The Sutras contain a tried-and-true method for improving the way you experience your life – the peaks and the valleys, the storms and the blue-sky days.

These five 90-minute classes are a mix of teaching and discussion, recorded from live sessions. 

The Yoga Sutras are broken into four chapters or padas. Because of its jam-packed nature and the fact that it contains many of the aspects of yoga that we're most familiar with, there are two classes on Chapter 2 or Sadhana Pada. The remaining three chapters are covered in one class each.

  • Samadhi Pada (The Chapter about Samadhi or Clear Understanding)
  • Sadhana Pada Part 1 (The Chapter about How to Practice)
  • Sadhana Pada Part 2 (The Chapter about How to Practice)
  • Vibhuti Pada (The Chapter about Yoga’s Superpowers)
  • Kaivalya Pada (The Chapter about Freedom)

An outline for each session will be available to facilitate notetaking. The sessions will be richer if you've read the material to be covered before watching each class recording.

* Eligible for 8 Continued Education credits through Yoga Alliance *

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