Growing in Grace – A Practice

Sep 15, 2022 to May 4, 2023

Teacher: Amy Nobles Dolan Event Category: Spirituality Classes

Steadily develop PRACTICAL, ACCESSIBLE practices for a more tangible, fruitful faith, deeper self-understanding and more self-compassion in this 7 month course. Practices include: Moving your body (gentle yoga or other exercise of your choice); Mindful breathing; Meditation and prayer; Journaling and self-reflection based on assigned readings and prompts; Connecting with a supportive community; Observing one day of rest (sabbath) a week.

Finding the Spiritual in Everyday Life

Aug 11, 2021 to Aug 25, 2021

Teacher: Amy Nobles Dolan Event Category: Spirituality Classes

In these 3 Zoom classes we will explore finding the spiritual in even the most mundane activities of everyday life. This class is inspired by the teachings of Brother Lawrence, a 17th century monk famous for drawing his prayer life into every aspect of his life, even (especially!) kitchen-duty at his monastery. Recordings of the sessions will be available should you want to revisit the material or simply need to miss a class.