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Yoga As A Spiritual Practice

As a contemplative practitioner, yoga and philosophy teacher, spiritual director, life-long student and writer, Amy Nobles Dolan helps seekers who desire the peace and wholeness that comes from living from their spirit.

Amy’s life’s work is to help you develop a steady set of practices that will meet you wherever you are on your spiritual journey and sustain your body, mind and spirit for a lifetime.

Yoga On And Off The Mat 

  • Discover yoga’s spiritual framework around which you can center your life.
  • On the mat: Strengthen and tone your body while quieting and focusing your mind.
  • Off the mat: Develop skills to live a more peaceful, contented, meaningful life right here, right now!

Faith With A Twist

Faith with a Twist: A 30-Day Journey into Christian Yoga

by Amy Nobles Dolan & Hillary D. Raining

Faith With A Twist seeks to bridge the gap between spiritual-but-not-religious by blending the ancient church’s wisdom and the spiritual practice of yoga.

“Those who wake are the students.
Those who stay awake are the teachers.
How we take turns.”

- Mark Nepo


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The Hive Cast

Episode 19: Faith With a Twist with Amy Nobles Dolan. In this podcast episode Amy and Hillary Raining are interviewed about their book "Faith With a Twist: A 30-Day Journey into Christian Yoga."

The Hive Cast Episode 19: Faith With a Twist

Work With Amy One-On-One

Spiritual Direction

Explore the practice of noticing God’s movement in our lives in monthly sessions 

Spiritual Direction

Yoga Philosophy One-On-One

Share and deepen the insights you've gained from your practices

Spiritual Direction with Amy Nobles Dolan

Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Develop your confidence and rediscover your voice as a teacher

Yoga Teacher Mentoring with Amy

Amy has a unique gift...

“I love Yoga with Spirit classes for the studio’s intimate setting and Amy’s ability to be skilled, knowledgeable, and approachable. Amy’s ability to reach and challenge students of all levels in her classes keeps me coming back! She has a unique gift of getting to know all her students and help them to grow as yoga students. I would recommend Amy’s Yoga with Spirit classes to anyone looking to begin their journey into yoga.” — Patty

Yoga Blog

Latest Yoga Thoughts by Amy Nobles Dolan

A Glimpse of the Whole of Which We’re Part
I saw something pretty special this week:  a small, but exquisite murmuration of a flock of birds. This sight affirmed for me that the “work” you and I do – the way we love the people around us, the way we stick to our principles, the way we try to live our values, the way we can choose to make our faith a way of life rather than a way of thinking – all matters tremendously to the world around us. I can imagine, one day, getting such a perspective that we could see the great "murmuration" of which you and I are parts - the graceful artistry of the dance of Life. Each person doing their own small part to add to the magical harmony of the whole.
The Practice of Changed Plans
When life takes a twist or a turn, try to resist the impulse to grit your teeth, squinch your eyes, and white-knuckle life back onto its “proper” (a.k.a. planned by you) path. Instead, practice the willingness to change our plans at a moment’s notice. "We will not be upset if our plans are upset" if we are determined to stay open to what is.
A Spiritual Walk in the Woods
From death springs an abundance of life. Death in a rainforest gives life more expansive and meaningful than one glorious life lived - a grand gesture of love. Life is patiently growing and changing and becoming – in the rainforest, in our backyards, and in us, too. Death is right here, too. Big, huge losses, yes. But more often the series of smaller “deaths” that are necessary to our growth in life. Jobs coming to an end. Relationships breaking down. Passions waning for hobbies and interests. Without death, there is no space for new life. The rainforest teaches that without death, we lack the “humus” we need to support our growth – the wisdom of experience, the flexibility to change course, the forgiveness for mistakes made, the humility to say “whoops!” and try again.

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