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Amy has a true gift...

“I eagerly await your latest insights on how to integrate the teachings of Yoga into our daily lives, how to keep the centeredness we feel on our mats with us all day. Amy, you have a true gift and I am grateful you share it with us so eloquently.”
 — John & Peter

I love your Yoga Thoughts...

“Amy inspires me to get back on the mat, to focus on my practice and on my own journey. She so gently and beautifully reminds me that this is not about failing this is truly about the joy in life’s journey both on and off the mat. I LOVE your Yoga Thoughts and I send them around the globe.”
— Julia

With grace and inspiration...

“Your emails are better than most books I read! Your emails brighten my week! There are so many wonderful yoga instructors who don't adequately bridge the gap between on and off the mat yoga practice. But Amy Nobles Dolan does it with grace and with inspiration.”
— Jennifer