Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is an ancient practice offering companionship on the journey of faith and a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human

The Practice of Spiritual Direction

“It is because one antelope will blow the dust from the other’s eye that the two antelopes walk together.” — African Proverb

One of the greatest and rarest gifts we receive in life is to be listened to. To be able to share from your heart and soul and to be fully, deeply and openly heard heals us at all levels — mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is the essence of spiritual direction.

As our yoga practices deepen, we begin to be more aware of the higher power at work in our lives. Yoga’s wisdom assumes a God, but in classic yoga fashion never puts God in the box of a specific faith. The spiritual tools offered by a yoga practice work as beautifully with any faith as they do with the simple desire to be the best person you can be.

Why spiritual direction?

  • Desire to become the YOU you were created to be
  • Want to integrate your spirituality practices into your everyday life
  • Navigating a significant decision
  • Walking through a particularly challenging stage of life
  • In transition
  • Yearning to find your calling
  • Have a vague sense that you are seeking “more” in life
  • Want to explore and interpret your experiences of God
  • Share joys, fears, worries, desires, and struggles in a safe environment
  • Find spiritual healing for past hurts and wounds
  • Become spiritually un-stuck

Amy offers individual spiritual direction as well as group spiritual direction to people of all faiths and those who consider themselves “spiritual but not religious.” Traditionally, individual spiritual direction sessions take place once a month, meeting for an hour as the director listens to whatever the directee chooses to share that day and assists in noticing the movements of God. For the first two or three sessions, Amy meets with directees every two weeks in order to more quickly create a level comfort between the director and directee.

It is important to remember that within the spiritual direction relationship, Amy does not play the role of teacher or therapist. She is not there to solve your problems or to answer all of your questions. Rather, she is there to listen and to help you notice God’s fingerprints on your life. Time in spiritual direction helps you develop awareness of invitations to you in your life and in your relationships.

Spiritual direction groups also meet once a month. The group consists of four people and Amy, the spiritual director. They meet for one and a half to two hours experiencing a rhythm of silence, sharing, and reflection.

Spiritual direction is a contemplative practice that is made even more fruitful by the introspective skills learned in a yoga practice — mindfulness, comfort with silence, an ability to turn inward and a deep restfulness and peace with the ways things are right now.

Yoga With Spirit spiritual direction welcomes seekers from all faiths.

Amy completed a 2-year training program in spiritual direction through Oasis Ministries in 2008. 

Amy offers spiritual direction either at St. David’s Center for Spiritual Growth (SDCSG), in her yoga studio, or via Facetime.

Thanks to the support of SDCSG, Amy is blessed to be able to offer these sessions for only $20. 

60 Minutes

With Amy


Ignatian Exercises

We can tone our spiritual “muscles” just as we work with our physical muscles on our yoga mats. 

The Ignatian Spiritual Exercises are a 30-week intensive through which we explore our relationship with God and the choices we are making in life.

For the period of this Ignatian spirituality course, you commit to one-hour of prayer and meditation with provided materials six days per week. On the seventh day, you will meet with Amy for an hour to review your prayer times and to receive the materials for the coming week.

When is the “right time” to embark on the Exercises?

Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556) wrote the Exercises, also known as the 19th annotation, to help people grow in relationship to God and to discern God’s will for them in their lives. They are profoundly helpful at any time, but especially when you are:

  • Seeking greater meaning in your day to day life.
  • Facing a major decision such as: a job change; a career change; relocation; a relationship change.
  • Seeking healing from an emotional or spiritual wound (old or new).
  • Navigating a spiritual or health crisis.

Why do the Exercises with Amy?

  • Amy received certification to lead the Ignatian Exercises in 2019 from Moravian Seminary.
  • Amy’s own experience with the Exercises (in 2014) was the single most transformative spiritual “moment” of her life and she is eager to continue to share them with others.

Sliding Scale

Per Week


The standard fee is $60 per week but Amy offers a sliding scale so cost is not an obstacle to this life changing work.

A blessing in my life...

“What I learned from Amy is that you don’t ‘do’ anything to discern. You are to be still, to not ‘force’ it, to just be open to possibilities. Would I recommend Amy for spiritual direction? In a heartbeat! Anyone would be so blessed to have her in their lives, as she has been in mine.”
 — Diane

New understandings...

“Amy consistently challenges me to make connections and think in ways that expand my understanding of events in my life. I leave our sessions with new understandings and an outlook different from when I walked in. Her perspective has become one I look forward to learning from each time we meet.”
— Edie

Attentive and respectful...

“Being in spiritual direction with you has been a grace, the gift of a companion who knows how to listen, how to enter into my world, always attentive and respectful to the ways God is with me there. I am grateful for your gentle ways in which you have companioned me and helped me grow.”
— Mercedes

Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Develop your confidence and rediscover your voice as a teacher.

Private Yoga Lessons

Get the individual hands-on attention you need to go deeper in your practice.