Yoga Philosophy Master Class

An online master class with Amy

Becoming You: A Guided Study of Self Through Yoga’s Wisdom

"It takes courage to become who you really are" - E. E. Cummings

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    Does your regular yoga practice reflect your daily life?  

    Whether you answer with one word, a paragraph, a page or a solitary question mark, this is what I teach: Yoga beyond the mat.

    To practice yoga OFF the mat, we must also be practicing ON the mat, so I teach that too.

    But teaching asana is and always has been my second love and second priority.

    Yoga beyond the mat” is what, over many years, I've figured out how to teach in a cohesive, tightly structured, well-organized way in my teacher training program, at Villanova University, and with like-minded yogis in my online Master Class.

    (P.S. If you answered with only a question mark, you’re an extra-good candidate for my class!)

    The gifts you will gain from this Yoga Philosophy Master Class 

    • Education in yoga’s wisdom or philosophy
    • Exposure to one of yoga’s seminal texts, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 
    • Exposure to at least two of yoga’s modern thinkers through assigned reading
    • A deeper, clearer understanding of your own life and a heightened sense of contentment
    • A deepened personal practice of asana
    • Clarity about the impact of your actions and reactions, your desires, and how YOU work
    • Deep diving into a yoga practice such as this course will change you inside and out

    Working with Amy has helped change my life...

    "Amy is a phenomenal teacher for all of the levels of yoga. On the mat, she is able to help direct students in their yoga postures to help them grow in strength and flexibility to feel more at home in their bodies. Off the mat, she leads her students into the deep well of yogic wisdom in their everyday lives. Grounded in her own faith, years of personal practice, and deep scholarship, Amy is a yoga teacher unlike any other I've ever encountered. Without a doubt, working with Amy has helped change my life." - Hillary

    What's Included In The Course? 

    Explore yourself – your inner workings, your habits, your beliefs and your desires - in this life-changing series of classes

    While yoga is best known for the body-mind connection it creates when you practice on a yoga mat, yoga’s most transformative gifts lie in its deceptively simple and highly accessible philosophy.

    The 13 modules of this course are built around yoga’s moral tenets, the yamas and niyamas, which are the foundation of its philosophy.

    When you enroll in the Master Class with Mentoring, we will work together to deepen your transformative journey. I will share feedback and ideas with you by commenting on each of your ten reflection papers. You and your small group cohort of fellow students will meet with me for an hour for each unit to discuss, share ideas and ask questions.

    Each class includes: 

    Curated book list of suggested reading including ancient sacred texts and modern yogic thinking

    College level lectures drawing on yogic wisdom and nearly 20 years of life experience as a yogi

    A powerful flowing series of postures guaranteed to take your existing or brand-new yoga practice to a whole new level

    If you have questions about your physical practice (including breath or drishti) please bring these to the small-group discussions, which be held via video-chat, so you could even take the posture for Amy to see it.

    Prompts and exercises that encourage deep-soul exploration

    Conversation and discussion led by an experienced spiritual director, college professor and yoga instructor who has the ability to help you learn even more about yourself than you could on your own

    What work can be expected from each unit?

    • Personal learning: From assigned reading.
    • Learning from the teacher: From online lectures.
    • Learning from your cohort: From discussion groups that yield a shared perspective on yoga’s applications to life.
    • Learning from your cohort: From free sharing and connecting within the Facebook Community.
    • Practice: From applying the wisdom principles to your practice on your mat.
    • Reflection: From your reflection paper where you will explore your personal application of the principle to your life.

    3 hours' investment per unit

    • 20-30 mins: online video
    • 20-30 mins: reading in preparation for the online video
    • 20-60 mins: asana practice at least twice per unit using a YWS online class or your own personal practice
    • 30-60 mins: writing your reflection paper (which Amy will read prior to cohort meeting)
    • 60 mins: small-group mentoring
    • Unlimited access to dedicated Facebook community for your cohort, for discussion and community-building

    I still keep going back to the lessons I learned from Amy...

    "I would recommend anyone to take this class because Amy and her approach to practice meets you exactly where you are. And each time I took a class, I found myself learning something new about myself. The harder I worked on the practice, the more I got out of it. Now that I'm a little more than a year out, I still keep going back to the lessons I learned from Amy!" - Tim

    Choose The Plan That's Right For You

    Master Class

    • 1 yoga class video
    • 13 yoga philosophy class videos
    • 1 PDF workbook
    • Facebook community membership
    • Self-guided and self-paced


    Best Value!

    Master Class

    Plus Small-Group Mentoring

    • 1 yoga class video
    • 13 yoga philosophy class videos
    • 1 PDF workbook
    • 11 one-hour small group mentoring and discussion sessions led by Amy
    • Facebook community membership
    • 10 weeks


    Master Class

    Plus Individual Mentoring

    • 1 yoga class video
    • 13 yoga philosophy class videos
    • 1 PDF workbook
    • 11 one-hour individual mentoring and discussion sessions
    • Facebook community membership
    • Self-paced


    What Do People Think About The Course?

    Unique and transformative...

    "Signing up for Amy's class was one of the best things I could have done for myself as it let my body heal and grow all at the same time. Everything that I learned in the classroom became applicable to the real world setting."

    Talented and loving...

    "I would highly recommend that anyone looking for a personal set of guidelines by which to live a life of love and compassion in today’s out­-of-­control world, take the opportunity to study these precepts with Amy – there is no one better at walking beside someone committed to such a journey."

    A new perspective...

    "I loved taking this class with Amy. She made everyone feel welcome and comfortable with where they were at in their personal practice and gave great examples and activities of how to actively apply the material we were learning to our lives off the mat."
    - Sherri