Private Yoga Lessons

Private yoga lessons deepen your practice or address your individual specific issues or goals

Are Private Yoga Lessons For You?

Yoga With Spirit private sessions can be a great beginning for students new to the practice and are also a good way for seasoned yogis to take their practices to the next level with individualized, hands-on instruction. As always, guidance and suggestion will be tailored to your body. These one-on-one sessions can also focus on yoga off the mat — meditation or yoga’s spiritual and self-awareness practices. 

Students can share private sessions with a friend or small group. These sessions provide hands-on instruction in a comfortable setting and community.

Lessons can be held at our studio in Wayne, PA or your chosen off-site location at a time of day that suits your schedule.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are brand new to yoga and would like more information 
  • Prefer a greater level of guidance
  • Would like a series created just for you to use in your home practice
  • Would like highly experienced, technical suggestions and instruction for navigating a health or physical condition or healing an injury
  • Desire instruction and guidance in the breath or drishti
  • Desire instruction and support in your meditation practice
  • Desire a guided meditation or Yoga Nidra
  • Are curious about how you can carry your physical practice of yoga off your mat and into your life
  • Need help creating the structure to support your personal practice
  • Feeling stuck in your practice and would like an infusion of energy and insight
Yoga Teacher Amy Nobles Dolan

60 Minutes

With Amy


60 Minutes

With a junior teacher


Amy’s patient and inspiring teaching...

“Through my private sessions with Amy I was able to learn many ways to create or modify a practice that ultimately suited my own physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Amy incorporated meditation techniques, physical modifications, breath work, balance, and spiritual counseling. Through her, I was able to understand the individual benefits of every posture so that I could ultimately create an individual practice unique to me. I also learned that yoga is not only a physical practice but also offers many other components that are of equal value. Happily I can now take this knowledge and use it in any yoga practice setting and feel confident. Amy’s patient and inspiring teaching will help any student take ownership of their practice safely and individually.” ­— Laura

Truly one of the most talented and loving yoga teachers...

“Under Amy’s expert and confidence-instilling guidance, I found myself looking forward to each session, rather than dreading my usual pain-filled practice. Amy’s ability to focus on her students and their individual needs, regardless of any real or perceived limitations, is unparalleled in today’s world of mass production yoga. She is truly one of the most talented and loving yoga teachers with whom I have had the privilege to study. I cannot recommend her highly enough to any yoga student, whether they are seeking long term private lessons or just a few fine-tuning sessions in preparation for moving into a classroom setting alongside others traveling the eight-fold path.” ­— Patti

Spiritual Direction

Explore the practice of noticing God’s movement in our lives in monthly sessions. 

Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Develop your confidence and rediscover your voice as a teacher.