First and foremost, thanks to my friends and teachers who have shared the gift of their yoga with me.  Thank you Amy Gordon, Sharon Hickey and David Keil.  I hope to live into the gift you’ve given me and that it passes on and on.

I am very grateful to John and Peter for creating this beautiful website. Many, many thanks to them for their technical expertise, gifted way with making complicated things simple and their magical way of taking my vague descriptions of the site I dreamed of and making it reality.

Many thanks to my brother-in-law, Patrick Dolan, for taking many of the photographs for this site. I appreciate the gift he gave me of his keen eye, creative way of envisioning shots and his talented photography skills.

Finally, I’d like to thank the students who give me the opportunity to share this practice with them. You make me a better teacher and a better yogi. Most importantly, however, you make my life better for your presence in it.