Spiritual Direction

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Spiritual Direction

As our yoga practices deepen, we begin to be more aware of the higher power at work in our lives.  Spiritual Direction is noticing God’s movement in our lives.  We come together to realize that everyday events are evidence of God working in our lives.  As we look at the events of your life, we search for God’s messages, lessons and gifts.  You are offered a safe, peaceful and confidential space to become more aware of God’s presence and love in your life.  Yoga With Spirit spiritual direction is ecumenical — we welcome seekers from all faiths.

Amy Nobles Dolan, your spiritual director, received her training in contemplative listening and spiritual direction from Oasis Ministries. Amy is also a founding member of the St. David’s Center for Spiritual Direction.

Contact us or call 610-420-2089 to schedule a session.

Special Thanks

to the St. David’s Center for Spiritual Direction, I am blessed to be able to offer direction session at only $20 for a one-hour session.