Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you call it Yoga With Spirit?

Because I want to emphasize that yoga is not simply a physical practice even though that is the most visible aspect of it here in the US.  Yoga is first and foremost a tool designed to draw people to live more spiritual lives.  As it turns out, living with awareness of our spiritual natures leads to more contented, peaceful lives – nice side effects for any of us!

Am I too ... (you choose the adjective here) ... stiff, young, old, fat, or whatever to do yoga?

Absolutely not!  At the very core of my beliefs as a yoga teachers is the belief that yoga is for everybody and every body.  I teach modifications for every single posture.  No matter your “issue,” I guarantee that I’ve taught someone (again, you choose here) stiffer, younger, older, fatter, or more whatever than you!

Do I have to know what I'm doing to come to a Yoga With Spirit class?

While I’m more than happy to provide a private session for your first yoga class, that really isn’t necessary.  We have new students in class all the time.  I will say that it takes a few classes to start to feel comfortable with the practice, so set your expectations accordingly.  Just come follow along!  Our warm, supportive community will make you feel welcome and safe.  Soon enough you’ll be one of the people our next new student is following!

Why should I come to Yoga With Spirit classes rather than the yoga classes at my gym?

Well, that depends on who is teaching at your gym.  There are a lot of great teachers out there in a lot of gyms.  That being said, most of the yoga taught in gyms is focused primarily on the postures.  I firmly believe that yoga is much more than physical exercise and try to touch on some of the mental and spiritual aspects of the practice in every class.  Additionally, because I keep my classes on the small side, I am able to offer a level of individualized attention and direction that you can’t find in many classes.

Do I have to attend Yoga With Spirit classes regularly to benefit from them?

How you define “regularly” tends to vary wildly from person to person.  I encourage students to get on their mats at least once a week.  This allows the body to continue opening and stretching without contracting too much between classes.  Many of our students do commit to coming to class once a week.  Some of our students practice more than this.  Some of our students come less often – coming to class when they can fit it into their schedules. I think all my students would agree that they always benefit from attending a class – no matter how long it has been since their last one!

Do I have to be religious to benfit from Yoga With Spirit classes?

No.  Through yoga we explore our higher selves and how we fit into the world around us.  For many of us, this leads to a deepened connection to “something greater” than ourselves.  Some people view this “something greater” as God.  Some view it as “Spirit.”  Some see it as simply the interconnectedness  of this world.  Your views and beliefs are yours alone.  Yoga With Spirit is here to inspire you to explore these beliefs more deeply.