Working Hard or Hardly Working?

“Working hard or hardly working?” This was one of my dad’s favorite jokes when we were growing up. As with all jokes, it was “extra” funny (for him) when he asked it at precisely the moment [...]

Being “All In” As A Way Of Life.

“All in.” To be totally committed to something. – Urban Dictionary You wouldn’t think a commitment would be a visible thing, but when someone (or something) is “all in,” you can actually see it. [...]

Hitting My Stride. (Or Not Quite.)

“Hitting my stride: to achieve a regular or steady pace or course; to reach the point or level at which one functions most competently or consistently.” – I could easily add [...]

Ouch! Growing Pains Hurt!

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for a week, a month or a decade, I suspect you’ve run into aches or pains. I’m not talking about the sharp pain of an injury. The sensations I’m referring to [...]

The Mixed Up Nature of Beginning.

“New Month. New Beginning. New Mindset. New Focus. New Start. New Intention. New Results.” The end of summer has always felt like the end of the year to me. The preceding weeks of longer days [...]