Happiness Is Your Choice.

Over the weekend, I read an interview of an actress. I honestly can’t even remember who it was or why she was being interviewed. In fact, all I remember is one line. She said, “My sister and I [...]

Nothing Tame About It.

We used to joke that our dog, Pax, was ironically named. Outside, he was far from the peaceful creature that his name implied he’d be. Instead, he was a crazed beast, racing pell-mell up and down [...]

“No Matter Where We Go, There We Are – Together.”

It amazes me that it’s possible wake up one morning in Philadelphia and go to bed that night in England. But that’s exactly what we did this past weekend when we went to visit our son who is [...]

Facing Fear That Is Holding You Back.

There are undoubtedly things in life that I fear, but before this week I would never have said that I feared tomatoes. We spent all day Sunday at the river watching our girls row. The regatta was [...]