Weathering Emotional Turbulence.

March is the month when high school seniors hear back from colleges regarding their applications. Going to the mailbox each day has yielded some great highs as well as a few lows for my daughter. [...]

Doing The Right Thing Can Take Courage.

Doing what is right when everyone else is doing what’s right (or at least when everyone else seems to acknowledge what is right) is not typically a problem. It’s doing what is right when everyone [...]

The Amazing Power of Thank You.

“Thank you.” These two words may just be the most powerful words in the world. They profoundly impact both the person being thanked and the person doing the thanking. They bind people into a web [...]

A Season for the Spiritual Side of Yoga.

This Wednesday began the season of Lent. For Christians, this is a very holy time set aside to prepare inwardly for the celebration of Easter. What does it mean to prepare inwardly? Some people [...]