Making Spirits Bright.

Twinkling lights. Festive ribbons and bows. Candles flickering on the table. Fragrant greenery. Jingling bells on doors. Carols on the radio. The trimmings of the season are designed to put [...]

Take It One Step At A Time.

  ‘Tis the season for enough festivity to fill the whole year. Concerts at school. Parties. Dinner invitations. A poorly timed yoga workshop (Really? December?). A Christmas pageant. Late [...]

Learning To Bend So You Don’t Break.

Looking at a fellow yoga student who is remarkably bendy, a woman asked me a fascinating question. “Is there a correlation between physical flexibility and having a flexible personality?” Hoping [...]

Take A Deep Breath.

I very rarely practice yoga in front of my children. Firstly, I’m up hours before they are and have usually finished my practice before they even come down for breakfast. Secondly, I’m simply not [...]