An Ounce of Prevention.

In the years that I’ve been teaching, I’ve witnessed the curative powers of yoga many times. Students with allergies, asthma, sciatica, mild scoliosis, chronic low back pain, shoulder injuries, [...]

The Two Hands of Love.

My son is studying acting in college. After more than a year of having people respond to this bit of news by quoting me the success rates for actors in our country or reciting the US News and [...]

We All Mess Up.

When was the last time you messed up? Did you miss a meeting? Lose your friend’s beloved book? Forget to hire a babysitter for that long-awaited date with your husband? Fail to show up to drive [...]

You’re Gonna Have To Ask.

In the early days of our marriage, we slipped into a dangerous pattern. I’m not sure there is any one glaring example that illustrates it. Suffice it to say that, after episode number 853, I was [...]