The Art of Listening.

A day spent walking the Monument Loop in Washington DC with my sister and her family yielded a great dinner conversation. It had been long enough since we’d toured this part of the city, that [...]

Go For Gold.

For the last two weeks, much of the world has been transfixed by the athletic brilliance on display in Rio de Janeiro. How can you not be, really? Speed. Strength. Skill. Flexibility. Teamwork. [...]

Life Is Full.

The other day I realized that our guest room is sort of a museum to things I used to love to do. There is a cupboard filled with left-over fabric from quilts, curtains, pillows and Halloween [...]

Blessings in Disguise.

I have a friend who just went through a very hard time. One of those hard times that we’ve all had at some point or another. The kind that feels endless and byzantine and wholly unwarranted. We [...]