You Do You.

My kids taught me an expression that I absolutely love.   I love the freedom it gives to the person to keep on doing whatever weird thing it is that caught the speaker’s attention in the [...]

Lost and Found.

I first read these words and thought, “That can’t be right.” But they continued to rattle around in my head until I understood that they can be an intention rather than an indictment. They can be [...]

No Graduation Date In Sight.

As I walked out of grad school, diploma in hand, I swore I’d never be a student again. My two year program was plenty long enough to convince me that I was much better suited to the “real world” [...]

The World Can Be A Scary Place.

The world is a scary place these days. Between terrorist attacks and this shameful, hate-filled presidential campaign, you can hardly turn on the news without seeing a story that makes you want [...]