A Perpetual Thanksgiving.

I’d like to propose a change in perspective. In addition to setting aside a day each year to specially notice and to celebrate all the good gifts with which you’ve been graced, why not make [...]

Transforming Hate Into Tolerance.

To transform hate into tolerance takes a lot of hard work. The good news is, we can use our instinctive reaction, "I hate that!" as a flare to remind us that we have some work left to do.

Sliding Scales.

We all use sliding scales. For instance, my friend pays her full-time, full-grown nanny, a higher hourly rate to care for her children all day long than she pays my 16-year-old daughter to watch [...]

What To Do When You Don’t Want To.

Both of my daughters row on their high school crew team. This is a particularly tough sport. The athletes endure grueling work-outs on and off the water – they run, they do strength work, they [...]