There is an old story that has always fascinated me. It is said that Amish women would deliberately include a mistake in their breathtaking, handmade quilts. One interpretation of these mistakes [...]

In Defense of (At Least A Little) Praise.

Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, a coach, a manager, a teammate or a friend, you’ve had many opportunities to provide feedback on someone else’s work. Though this is something we must all do [...]

Trying Too Hard?

Listening to my kids’ voice lessons is one of my favorite ways to spend an hour. Mostly, as the only time I sing these days is in church, it’s a sweet time for me to sit back and be impressed by [...]

What’s New?

Many of my adolescent memories involve running around on a tennis court. This was fine for me, as I was never that good at any of the other sports my siblings and friends participated in. During [...]

The Little Things.

Pope Francis spent last weekend in Philadelphia. This was a big deal on many levels. The planning! The special train tickets! The security! The traffic! Truly, this story, just from the point of [...]