It’s All Connected.

I was tired last week. So tired that my arms and legs actually felt heavy as I walked around. The simplest tasks seemed daunting enough that I put them off for another day. Getting out of bed [...]

Open Hands.

When they are small, you must hold tight to your children. When my son was a tiny infant, I had to be careful that my grip was sufficient or he would (often out of the clear blue) arch his entire [...]

Making Friends.

Twenty years ago, I made a friend. I was sitting in the back row of a darkened auditorium listening to a speaker at a publishing conference in Manhattan when it happened. The woman with the [...]

The Best Souvenir.

I’m always on the lookout for elements of vacation that I can bring home with me. Though I’m famous for toting bags of sea shells home with me and my son is a master at finding obscure t-shirts [...]