Take It Easy.

From the time I was a little girl. I was taught that anything worth doing was worth doing well, that a tendency to work hard is a virtue and that laziness is the worst of the vices. And, as a [...]

“Live In The Moment.”

I’m at the beach with six young men who just graduated from high school with my son. I’ve been smiling a lot as I watch them spend this vacation together. Their approach to their days is [...]

Sneaky Change.

Change has an elastic nature. Day by day, things feel the same. Until suddenly, they aren’t. For instance, the ancient creatures living alongside the Colorado River as it flowed within its banks [...]

On A Threshold.

I am fortunate to have a dear friend who is several steps ahead of me in the journey of life. Her perspective on my experiences is always eye-opening, colored as it is by the wisdom of hindsight. [...]