Be Good To Yourself

The student smoothly folded her legs into lotus position, pausing to make sure her heels were tucked as snugly into her body as possible. She slipped her arms through her legs and pressed her [...]


I’ve been tired and cranky lately. Always stressed. Constantly dashing. This isn’t totally surprising. After all, I’m in a stage of life that is notoriously busy – managing not only my own hectic [...]

Get Off Your Butt

If you read my essays regularly, you know that I believe that the way yoga changes our bodies is the least of its gifts. That said, a regular yoga practice does change the body – sometimes [...]

Wait! That’s HARD!

When I came across this quote on Pinterest, instantaneously, a list of activities where these words apply in my life sprang to mind. Creating spreadsheets. Baking a pie. Hitting a backhand [...]