The Gift of You

I was 13 years old, sitting in Radio City Music Hall watching the Christmas Spectacular, when I first heard these words. They were read by a deep-voiced announcer during the show’s Living [...]

Racing Through The Holidays

For those of us who celebrate Christmas, December can feel like a race to the finish line. If we’re not careful, all the days leading up to the “Big Day” can run together in a blur of [...]

What If It Means Just A Little Bit More?

In the midst of shopping list writing, reservation making, card mailing, errand running, menu planning, party outfit deciding, house decorating, calendar sorting and cookie baking last weekend, I [...]

I Can’t. I’m Busy.

Last Saturday night, as we were going to bed, my husband and I were talking through our Sunday “To Do” list. It was a list of epic proportion. Honestly, it could easily have kept us busy until [...]