Attitude Adjustments

“You need an attitude adjustment.” is a statement you could use (if you were brave enough) in many situations: To your teen-aged daughter who often wakes up snarling at everyone in the house. To [...]

Keep It Interesting

My husband recently made the decision to leave a job he loved. In order for you to understand my point, I need to emphasize just how much he loved this job. He said it was his favorite job since [...]

Low Expectations

This year, I am taking three yoga students through the equivalent of teacher training grad school. In regular teacher training, most of the postures my students learn to practice and teach are [...]

850 Ways to Say the Same Thing

With a son preparing to audition for college theater programs, I have been spending more time than usual with his voice teacher. Though I try to behave like the proverbial “fly on the wall” [...]